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Educator note cards

Holiday Cards
School Snowman
HN-15 - School Snowman

Embossed Foil Holiday Bell
HN-9 - Embossed Foil Holiday Bell

HC-10 - Sleigh

HC-7 - Reindeer

Season's Greetings
HC-6 - Season's Greetings

HN-3 - Schoolhouse

HN-1 - Classroom

School Bus
HN-14 - School Bus

Blue Trees
HC-4 - Blue Trees

HN-10 - Ornaments

Holiday Gifts
HN-7 - Holiday Gifts

Let It Snow
HC-3 - Let It Snow

Winter Scene
HN-6 - Winter Scene

Globe and Books
HN-5 - Globe and Books

HN-8 - Chalkboard

Patriotic Christmas
HC-8 - Patriotic Christmas

Patriotic Season's Greetings
HC-5A - Patriotic Season's Greetings

Patriotic Christmas
HC-11 - Patriotic Christmas

Peace on Earth
FLAG-04 - Peace on Earth

Gold Foil Season's Greetings
GH-1N - Gold Foil Season's Greetings

Holiday Season
HN-13 - Holiday Season

School Wreath
HN-2 - School Wreath