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Fraternal organization notecards

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VERSE G27 - Get Well

A bright and cheerful get-well wish
especially meant to say,
That many warm and friendly thoughts
are with you every day.

VERSE G29 - Get Well

You are in our thoughts,
and we're all
hoping that you will be
enjoying better health again soon.

VERSE G31 - Get Well

May you find comfort in knowing
many of us are caring about you
and we hope good health will be
restored to you soon.

VERSE G32 - Get Well

We regret to learn of your illness
and sincerely hope that you are
on the road to recovery.

VERSE G40 - Get Well

Warmest thoughts and Best Wishes
for a Speedy Recovery.

VERSE G23 - Sympathy

Extending to you and your family
this heartfelt assurance
of deep sympathy.

VERSE G28 - Sympathy

Although at times of sorrow
there's so little words can say,
Still may these words of sympathy
help comfort you today.

VERSE G37 - Sympathy

Our Thoughts and Prayers
are with you during this difficult time.

VERSE G38 - Sympathy

May these understanding thoughts
help to express the sympathy
that hearts can feel
but words can never say.

VERSE G39 - Sympathy

Thinking of you at this time
and wishing words could say
the thoughts of Heartfelt Sympathy
that go to you today.

VERSE R07 - Sympathy

Although your heart is heavy
with the sorrow that you bear,
may you be comforted to know
how deeply others care.

VERSE G17 - Thinking of You

Just a note to say "hello"
and then to tell you too,
that many warm and loving thoughts
are always there with you.

VERSE G18 - Thinking of You

May knowing that you're thought about
so warmly and so much,
help brighten your day
and add a warm and friendly touch.

VERSE G21 - Thinking of You

We're thinking of you and hoping
you're feeling better.
Please be sure that you are never
far from our thoughts and always
remembered in our prayers.

VERSE R10 - Thinking of You

Just a word
to let you know
that many thoughts and prayers
are with you every day.

VERSE R12 - Thinking of You

Thinking of you and
Saying a special prayer
That God will keep you in
His loving care
Everyday and everywhere.

VERSE G11 - Birthday

Wishing you good times,
good health and good luck, too;
and a Happy, Happy Birthday
from all of us to you!

VERSE G12 - Birthday

We all join in extending Greetings
and Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday.
May this day be Richly Blessed
With Peace and Joy and
Everything that makes for Happiness.

VERSE G16 - Birthday

May you enjoy the happiness
a birthday always brings,
may each and every hour be filled
with all the nicest things.

VERSE G20 - Birthday

This comes today to say HELLO
And bring a warm wish, too
That you will have a birthday
That's especially GREAT . . . like you!

VERSE G24 - Birthday

With many good wishes for your
Birthday and the coming year.

VERSE G30 - Birthday

Wishing you all the happy things
a birthday celebration brings.
May your birthday be the
beginning of a wonderful year!

VERSE G33 - Birthday

Just a note from
all of us to wish you
the happiest birthday ever.

VERSE G34 - Birthday

Best Wishes on your Birthday
and throughout the coming year.

VERSE G35 - Birthday

Sending you many Sincere Wishes
for Good Health and Happiness
on your Birthday.

VERSE G36 - Birthday

Warmest Wishes for a very
and may the year ahead
bring Joy and Happiness.

VERSE R17 - Birthday

With special thoughts of you today
this birthday greeting comes to say,
may many joys and blessings, too,
be yours today and all year through.

VERSE S06 - Birthday

You're wished a perfect birthday
With friends to share your fun
And happy times to dream about
When your special day is done.

VERSE G14 - Thank You

Although we can't express our thanks
as graciously as some,
We won't forget your thoughtfulness
for a long, long time to come.

VERSE G15 - Thank You

"THANK YOU" is a simple phrase,
But still, it's meant to show
That we appreciate your help
More than you could know.

VERSE G41 - Thank You

Our sincere thanks
for all your good wishes
and the very lovely gift.

VERSE G42 - Thank You

Being remembered
in such a nice way
means a lot more than
just "thank you" can say!

VERSE S16 - Thank You

With deep appreciation
for the time you have given,
and for the excellent work
that you've done.

VERSE B21 - Congratulations

Congratulations on your recent purchase.
It has been our pleasure to serve you.
If we can be of further assistance,
please let us know.

VERSE B22 - Congratulations

Congratulations and Best Wishes
to you on this Special Day.

VERSE G47 - Congratulations

Wishing You the Best
Today and Always.

VERSE G48 - Congratulations

Congratulations on a
job well done!

VERSE G49 - Congratulations

Congratulations to you
and best wishes in the future!

VERSE H01 - Holiday Greetings

May the Blessings of the
Holiday Season
Bring you Peace and Joy
Throughout the New Year.

VERSE H02 - Holiday Greetings

In warm appreciation of our
association during the past year
and with all good wishes
for a Happy Holiday Season.

VERSE H03 - Holiday Greetings

The year end brings no greater
pleasure than the opportunity
to express to you
Season's Greetings and Good Wishes.

VERSE H04 - Christmas Greetings

We are never too busy to
wish you a very
Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year too!

VERSE H06 - Holiday Greetings

During the Holiday Season,
We would like to express
Our Best Wishes for the Holidays
And a Happy New Year.

VERSE H14 - Holiday Greetings

May the Peace and Joy
of the Holiday Season
be with you throughout
the coming year.

VERSE H17 - Christmas Greetings

May the miracle of Christmas
fill your heart with joy
this Holiday Season.

VERSE H18 - Christmas Greetings

Wishing you a Christmas Season
filled with beautiful moments
and cherished memories.

VERSE SC5 - Christmas Greetings

An "old-fashioned" wish
for a
Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

VERSE H19 - Christmas Greetings

We would like to wish
you and your loved ones
a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

VERSE H08 - New Year's Greeting

There is no time more fitting to thank you
for your support during the past year
and to wish you and everyone close to you
a very Happy and Healthy New Year.