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Educator note cards

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VERSE S14 - Appreciation

During National Teacher Appreciation Week
we sincerely thank you and
acknowledge with a deep sense of appreciation
your abilities, concern and dedication
in providing a quality education
for the students in our school.

VERSE S15 - Volunteer

For special volunteers such as you
and all the good things you do,
we would like to express our thanks and
appreciation for all the hours you have
shared so willingly at our school.

VERSE S24 - Teacher Appreciation

We take this special time of the year,
during National Teacher Appreciation Week,
to show our sincere thanks and appreciation
for your dedication, concern, team effort
and hard work in providing a caring climate,
positive interaction and exemplary education
for all our students.

VERSE S25 - Perfect Attendance

Your outstanding efforts to achieve
Perfect Attendance contributes
to the success of our School.
Keep up the good work!

VERSE S23 - Job Application

{Your School Name Here}
wishes to thank you for your interest
in the position of


Your application was considered but
another application was accepted.
Applications are maintained for three
years and can be updated at any time.